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Founder and manager: Noam Oshry

Born and raised in Kibbutz Tzora, Israel. When he turned 15 he started working in industrial agriculture (monoculture) owned by the kibbutz and got a lot of experience working with different varieties of crops like: almonds, pecans, pomegranates, grapes for wine, cotton and more. Those years gave him a lot of experience, skills you must know in order to grow anything and the most important thing- it connected him to the land. While he was a student in college (2010-2013) he worked on an organic farm for 2 years in order to pay for his education. In those 2 years he became familiar with the organic method of growing vegetables, (no use of chemicals as pesticides or as fertilizers) and gained a lot of experience in growing a large variety of vegetables during all 4 seasons. Since then, he began growing vegetables in every place he was living at. On June 2014 he moved to North Carolina with his wife. With his passion for gardening and the desire to share his knowledge with others, he decided to open a small business in March 2015, which fulfills that wish. 


The 21st century has brought with it a technological/scientific/ revolution which has allowed a large proportion of the human race to live in comfort and with abundance that 200 years ago, no King could have dreamed of. In spite of this abundance and the increase of man's lifespan, we are paying a heavy price in our ordinary day to day living-POLLUTION (the air we breathe, the food that we eat, the fresh water we drink).

Demand for organic foods is primarily driven by concerns for personalhealth and for reducing the pollution of our environment.

Today, organic food is the fastest growing sector of the American food industry.

"GROW IT YOURSELF" has set itself a goal of tackling one of the problems mentioned above – THE VEGETABLES WE EAT. We hold no pretenses of being able to supply all that is required, but we do promise our customers that our gardens will supply an impressive amount of fresh organic vegetables, each according to its season, and all with minimal effort.  "GROW IT YOURSELF" provides the infrastructure that will allow you to grow your first season's crop without prior knowledge.  This is of course carried out with our support and training if required. The garden beds are designed to allow for easy growing and minimal maintenance. We will be happy to answer and guide our customers on any given problem/question along the way. Our goal is to increase the number of people that will provide fresh organic vegetables for themselves on a daily basis and in that way each will contribute to their own health and to the environment. 

Furthermore, the vegetable garden can provide families a nice outdoor activity with their children at least once a week.  

As a part of the Grow it yourself agenda, we try our best to buy all the raw materials we use from small businesses and other local businesses, That way we help the local economy and other people who live in the area instead of buying from the big corporations. As of now, we don’t have the ability to drastically decrease the global consumption of vegetables, but even if we can make a change in at least several dozen people/families, it will be worth it.  We should never forget that every big change begins from one small one. We can’t sit and wait for the governments to do the dirty work for us, we have to take the responsibility into our own hands. If each person on this amazing planet will make a small change within himself/herself, we can still turn the tables around.  

"Let food be thy medicine 
and medicine be thy food"

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