Vegetable Gardens :

We offer a variety of shapes and sizes of raised beds in order to grow a variety of vegetables and edible herbs. Our unique gardens include everything you need in order to get beautiful crops. We provide the wood frame, the soil mixed with organic compost and the plants that the customer ordered in advance which we plant. We also spread a special fabric under the raised bed in order to prevent weedsfrom growing into the vegetable garden.

Our common and most successful designs:

Rain barrels:

We also provide, upon request, 50 gallon plastic rain barrels which have a filter on the top that prevents any kind of waste that may go into the water and blockthe bottom tap which connects to your irrigation system. There is also an option to add as many barrels as you wish alongside each other, so you can have several barrels under the same gutter. We also build custom made wooden stands for the barrel in order to get good water pressure.

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